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Jim and Joyce Hunziker

Joyce and Jim Hunziker began their gardening journey in 1990. They planned and built their home and then began to look towards taming their five acres of farmland. Together, they tackled the overgrown blackberries and established diverse garden beds and beautiful flowering borders that now surround their quaint yellow house.  A large grove of walnut trees was planted and a sizable pond created to include a meandering stream densely planted with unique and diverse plants, including a Mouse Tail plant. A tall, upright water feature made from natural rocks creates a stunning focal point in the large decorative pond which provides a natural habitat for local wildlife viewing. Large screened enclosures ensure a hearty harvest of blueberries and tomatoes.  Colorful flowers grow alongside an abundance of vegetables and herbs while the playful garden art adds to these beautiful gardens

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Sound Cliff - Gordon Barnett & Stephen Silha

A walk through an ornate wooden gate leads down to the cozy, shaded hillside garden of Sound Cliff.  The twenty-six year old giant cherry tree provides a beautiful centerpiece to the green lawn surrounded by lush borders of acanthus, Solomon seal and Japanese forest grasses, creating a private, outdoor room. A cobblestone garden path lined with hostas, ferns, and flowering plants draws you towards a stunning sunny perch above Puget Sound, complete with palm trees, inviting one to sit and take in both the tranquil mountain and water views. Raised beds define the diverse vegetable gardens, while towering native plantings provide a rustic backdrop. To keep the determined deer at bay, the entire property is enclosed by decorative use of rope and tall fish netting, creating a serene, yet secure garden sanctuary.

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Vashon Heritage Museum


The Natural Wonder Exhibit Garden was created in 2021 and features a wide array of outdoor opportunities including a salmon walk, native plant garden, and native rock garden. An outdoor multimedia exhibit on loan from The Natural History Museum was highlighted last summer. Visitors can experience the journey of salmon from their spawning ground near here in Shinglemill Creek in the backyard under the trees. As you continue to explore, you will discover the Audubon native plant garden, and then geological treasures collected from the beaches of Vashon that explain our island geology. Discover, hold, touch and learn about Vashon’s ancient beach rocks. The outside covered area houses the shoreline section and visitors can even use their artistic flair and create a rock sculpture in the sandbox. Sponsored by the Vashon Audubon Society, the native plants in this garden include  thimbleberry, nodding onion, yarrow, salmonberry, evergreen huckleberry, wild ginger, miner's lettuce, oak fern, red huckleberry, beach strawberry, red flowering currant, red columbine, bleeding heart, and oceanspray, each marked for easy reference and identification.

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Mary Liz Austin


Hidden in plain sight on Morgan Hill, Mary Liz Austin’s garden is a portal to a verdant knoll of bewitching beauty, thoughtful planting combinations include a variety of sun loving perennials, a mix of grasses, and whimsical garden art.  A visit to her garden reveals a window into the heart of a true artist, a  creative soul who transforms the ordinary into the exceptional through the alchemy of hard work, imagination, and the love of nature. A brick pathway leads you through a verdant shade garden of hydrangeas, rhododendrons, and Japanese maples. Basalt rock walls add definition and depth while the garden art adds lightness and play. Her garden has been featured in many calendars and magazines. 

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Jim and Joyce Hunziker Gardens 2021


Sound Cliff Gardens 2021


Mary Liz Austin Gardens 2021


Vashon Heritage Museum Garden 2021


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