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Helen Puz Horticultural Grants Program

In recognition of her many years and tremendous dedication to the Garden Club, student horticultural grants are given in the name of Helen Puz.  The Garden Club supports the robust agriculture and horticulture programs within Vashon Island's public and private schools through contributions for structures, planting supplies, and educational materials.  


Helen Puz

Past recipient:  Chautauqua Elementary School's new garden gate for outdoor garden enrichment class.

Past recipient: Raised gardens at McMurray Middle School outside their garden/greenhouse space.

Chautauqua Elementary School  receives Horticultural Grant- March 2023

CES garden plans

CES Garden Coordinators, Gillian Simmons & ____ received a grant of $800 to renovate and restore the school's Childrens' Garden created in 2004....


 The Helen Puz Horticultural Grant was presented to McMurray Middle School's  "Outdoor Living Class" for $250.00 

mcmurray garden1.jpg

McMurray Middle School receives Horticultural Grant- March 2022


"The goal of my class is to give students some basic gardening skills while cultivating an interest in gardening. Many students have little, or no experience with gardening and I want them to experience the joy and wonder of watching something that you worked at and planted grow.


While we learn we will be working with Matsuda Farm to gain insight and experience from experts in the field. We are also working with experienced gardeners within the building to ensure a rich experience for the students."


     -Teacher, Paul Wahlen

      Outdoor Living Class

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