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Presenter -  Christina Pfeiffer 

"Planning a Prune-Less Garden- January 8th 2024

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Join Christina as she discusses the prune-less garden. How much and what kind of pruning a garden will need is often determined while shopping at a nursery or at the design drawing board.  As gardeners mature along with their gardens, the level of pruning may no longer match one’s time or energy for the task.  This talk will help identify how plant choices, placement, and cultivation practices, along with those famous last words, “I can always prune it to keep it smaller” contribute to creating a prune-a-lot garden.  Whether you are starting a whole new landscape or making changes within an established garden, learn how to optimize plant selection and design elements to help set the stage for less pruning over the long-term.

Christina has enjoyed a career in landscape horticulture spanning over 40 years.   She is a lifelong student of the art and science of pruning and brings her enthusiasm for the topic to her lectures.  Christina has been teaching pruning at Edmonds College for over 18 years and is a regular pruning instructor for a variety of local programs including the UW Botanic Gardens and Plant Amnesty.


Pacific Northwest Month-by-Month Gardening is the definitive guide to successful gardening year-round in the Pacific Northwest -- states include Washington, Oregon, British Columbia (Canada), and Northern California.

Do you live in the Pacific Northwest? Do you care about landscaping and gardening? Say no more--we've got the perfect book for you! Pacific Northwest Month-by-Month Gardening takes the guesswork out of gardening for anyone living in the region (Northern California, Oregon, Washington, or British Columbia). This garden guide is full of critical gardening when-to's and how-to's, along with illustrated step-by-step instructions that will keep your garden thriving all year round.

Authors Christina Pfeiffer and Mary Robson are Pacific Northwest gardening experts. They know this cool, wet, vivacious region inside and out and have written extensively on the subject. Pacific Northwest Month-by-Month Gardening combines the shared knowledge of Pfeiffer and Robson in one easy-to-read guide.

Here, you will find brilliant Pacific Northwest garden photography and the most current growing information available. Complete with specific advice on growing:

  • Gorgeous annual and perennial flowers

  • Strong trees

  • Flowing groundcover

  • Flowering shrubs

  • Verdant lawns


You won't find a better, more complete reference book for your region, so look no further!

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