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About Us

Where We Live

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Who We Are

We live on Vashon and Maury Islands, 37 square miles of bucolic Northwest land connected together by a small isthmus. We are a 20 minute ferry ride from Seattle, Washington and are flanked to the west by the nearby Olympic mountains, to the east by the Cascade range, and are always in awe at the majestic presence of 14,000' Mount Rainier to our south. Early European settlers arrived by boat and established quaint beachfront communities which are still here, each with their own personalities and beautiful beaches.

Coming to our island is a little like stepping back in time. Not too much has changed over the decades and the population has hovered around 10,000 residents for some time. We have rolling pastures dotted with farms and cottages and miles of quiet hiking trails in beautiful forests. You can find home-made pie, bouquets of flowers, organic eggs and milk, or beautiful fruit and produce in self-serve road-side stands. We are a community of artists, environmentalists, thinkers, doers, givers, and in all, are a pretty independent lot. We greet one another in the grocery store and readily help each other whenever a need might arise. Come visit us and discover what we mean when we say residing here is a little like "living in paradise".


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We are a group of over 100 avid gardeners with a shared interest in home, civic and commercial gardening. We strive to educate ourselves on plant culture and design, practice preservation of native plants and wildlife, and promote ecologically sound gardening principles within our community. Our club was federated in 1952 and we have non-profit status.  We  enjoy numerous club activities and take pride in making our island a better place to live.

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