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Organic Farmers Market

Diane Emerson - Organic Gardening 

King County Wastemobile annual visit to Vashon
April 21 -23rd, 2023 

17001 107th Ave SW, Vashon 98070 (Tjomsland Gravel Pit)

What can you bring to the Wastemobile?

Residents and small businesses can safely drop off household hazardous waste such as oil-based paint, batteries, antifreeze, or pesticides to the Wastemobile at no cost. 

No latex paint accepted.  There is a limit of 50 gallons for most liquid hazardous waste per residential customer per day at all Wastemobile events. There is a 5 gallon limit on gasoline, oil and antifreeze.  No containers over five gallons in size will be accepted.  

For everyone's safety, please:

  • Do not mix products.

  • Keep products in their original containers.

  • Label products that are not in their original containers.

  • Secure products so they do not spill or leak.

  • Store hazardous products in the trunk of your vehicle, truck bed, or trailer, keeping them separate from items you wish to keep.

  • Stay in your vehicle and listen to directions from on-site staff while visiting the Wastemobile.

Before you go, check out a full list below of accepted items and quantity limits for residents and eligible businesses.

Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann

It's Slug Season! - presented April 2023

Garlic Wash Recipe

Ingredients:  2 blubs garlic, 2 pints of water

Crush bulbs of garlic
Steam or boil in 2 pints of water f
or 3-4 minutes until blanched
Strain mixture and make back up to print
leave to cool


When ready to use, mix one tablespoon in five quarts of water and sprinkle on to leaves in late afternoon (in dry weather).  Re-apply every two weeks. The mixture dries on the leaves making them unappealing to slugs and snails! The mixture will apparently dry on the leaves making them rather unappealing to slugs and snails!


Holly, Ivy, Scotch Broom, and Blackberries –
 NonChemical Removal