Julia Lakey - Native Plants

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Photo credit - Karen Dale

The Pollinator Garden is brimming with seeds from at least two dozen types of flowers.  Bring containers and gather to your heart’s content!


The garden, located at the Matsuda Farm, is  available anytime.  Access is via the gated dirt road north of the old K-2 building on the main highway.


Would you consider joining our Pollinator Garden team?  We’re a group of islanders and meet informally about 3 times a month during the growing season

Get in touch to learn more!

 "The Pollinator Garden Project & Collecting Seeds" presented on 10/10/2022

Image by Jens Vogel
Image by Bekky Bekks

 NW Meadowscapes is the premier grower of native NW wildflowers.  Order soon and plant in cool fall weather to replicate their favorite growing conditions.

presented on 4/11/2022

"Only 14% of nurseries grow native plants"

"April is Native Plant Appreciation Month"


There are many beneficial uses for Stinging Nettle

Purple wood violets

Alpine Strawberries

 "Woodland (native) Strawberries" presented on 6/13/2022

Create an insect watering station!


Alpine strawberries (Fragaria vesca) are a tiny type of strawberry known for their delicious, aromatic wild-strawberry taste. They are flavorful, luxurious, and extremely cute! Unlike their larger grocery-store counterparts, alpine and woodland berries haven’t been bred for size. These little beauties are all about the flavor! Alpine strawberries aren’t exactly a high-production crop, but they certainly are well worth growing in your garden.

"The berries have intense flavor and the leaves can be used in salads"   - Julia


presented on 3/17/2022

"Native Dirt"


Use wood ash as a soil enhancer.


"Soil works for you if you work for the soil."

"Check out my new favorite book!"

- purchased at the Vashon Bookstore.

Dandelion Seeds

presented on 2/14/2022

"Early Spring Blooms"



(Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)

heather pic.webp

Scotch Heather

(Calluna vulgaris)


Vashon-Maury Island Land Trust

Native Plant and Tree Sale!

From Jan 3rd to 30th, 2022

- click here for plant list -

This month we have a unique opportunity to expand our native plantings through the Land Trust’s annual bare root sale.  Such local bargains!  Under $3 a plant typically; nurtured for a year, they would sell for $10 to 15 each.
The key is adequate care: while they may look lifeless, they need to be nestled in soil.  The safest care is to put them in pots where you see them and remember to water during our dry months.  After a season of care, they can be placed in more remote areas of your property. If there are more plants than you need, please consider them as nursery plants and bring them to next year’s Garden Club sale.

The Land Trust Species List has helpful descriptions and photos. (See link above) Natives can be amazingly versatile: my favorite Red Flowering Currant tolerates dry to moist soil in sun or part shade.  Hard to argue with that! The Garry Oak, our only Washington native oak, is drought tolerant and also found along streams.   Each description includes the birds and pollinators that favor it. How about a hedge row with the Currants and tuck some Sweet Gale where you need lower growing plants, such as near a walkway.

Plants can be ordered online now until Jan. 30th.  However, don’t delay because favorites sell out each year. Let’s give our native pollinators and birds a boost by planting natives!
                                                                                                           By: Julia Lakey on Jan. 2022


Pacific Wax Myrtle and Native Huckleberry 

presented on 



wax myrtle.jpg

Mountain Ash and

Red Osier Dogwood

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mountain ash.jpg
red dogwood.jpg

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Watercolor Butterfly 16

Julia gives us an update on the development of the Pollinator Garden  and the certification of Vashon Island as a National Wildlife Habitat. Vashon is now a Wildlife Habitat Community with the National Wildlife Federation.  We now join over 260 communities certified nationwide.


Create your own Pollinator Garden as Julia shares with us  the "how to"  steps. Click on the botton below for resources and watch the Presentation.