Rodents - What to do? 

Diane Emerson presents

Fall is the time when mice and their big cousins look longingly at our warm, dry houses and outbuildings. “How can I get in there?”, they wonder, and they have long fall nights to check out every tiny hole and see if they can enlarge it enough to make their way in. 


Then it becomes our problem, and a common problem it is.

Garden Chores 

Provided by Cindy Stockett

What to do in the garden this month : 

Tool Talk 

Becky Bumgarner presents

Becky presents two of her latest picks for our use when in the garden.

An easy to handle Stihl battery chain saw and special 'Freedom Weeder' sprayer for getting that singular weed with bull's eye, focused delivery.

Check out Becky's presentation > 

Green Gardening Ways that Work! 

Diane Emerson presents

What issues are you dealing with in your garden, where you are tempted to reach for a pesticide? (herbicide, insecticide, rodenticide, etc).


There are low maintenance and environmentally safe options to address all of these issues.  Here are your answers to questions about weeds: