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By Diane Emerson

December, January, February

Vegetable and Flower Gardens

Prune deciduous trees and shrubs for their health.
Prune out old canes in berry plantings.
Fortify the soil with an organic fertilizer blend or compost.

Take a break from your lawn….

Fruit Trees
Check for deer incursions at least weekly.

Stomp around the base of tree trunks to pack down vole tunnels.

Prune all bearing trees beginning President’s Day. You need to establish an open framework of scaffold branches that allows maximum penetration of sunlight and drying breezes, to reduce

Remove all mummified fruit (still on the trees) to reduce rot spore inoculum.

Order organic orchard supplies for the coming season. Be sure to include seaweed extract to add to every spray tank throughout the growing season.

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