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Palouse Winery - Linda and George Kirkish

Visitors to Palouse Winery are offered a unique experience - a sip of wine - a garden stroll - a pause to enjoy the view.  Your journey along the garden path is a discovery of our Island; aged cedars, old growth rhododendrons, stunning flowers (lovingly transplanted from Mom's garden), whimsical grasses and creative borders.  A one of a kind creation that is "pure" Vashon.

Godt's Garden - Pam and Earl Godt

This newly certified Wildlife Habitat garden showcases Pam and Earl's enthusiasm and adventurous lifestyle.  Using native plantings and natural woodland borders, the garden splashes with color featuring rhododendrons and azaleas.  The vegetable, fruit, and berry garden in the new addition - overflowing with bounty through out the season.

PW sign.jpg

Cotswold Garden - Terry Hershey

The beauty of this English Cotswold garden invites you to enjoy the calm and tranquil beauty of nature.  Repeating varieties of old world favorites fill the rich winding borders and Zen gardens space with abundant beauty, color, and fragrance.  A quiet pond offers pause in a busy world.  This garden is a  respite for us all, an opportunity to find the miracle in each day.  Ahh, perhaps it is in the garden 

Charlotte and Nelson Phillips



Once a working farm producing vegetables and fruits for the market this abundant garden has been transformed by adding brightly colored flowers alongside vegetables and fruit.  It thrives with original and new varieties of raspberries and dahlias; a blend from both long-ago and yesterday.  Heritage apple, plum, and cherry trees provide retreat from the sun filled pastures and the deep shaded rhododendrons.  Truly  feast of delights and never-ending flower bouquets!

Spring vegetables
Zen Stones
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