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VMIGC Back to Business. - Annual Membership Enrollment

It has been a long time since we sat around the meeting table or gathered together  outdoor for membership Summer Gardens Tours.

All is hopeful and committee chairs are looking at options and possibilities.  

Look forward to the following:

  • Member Summer Open Garden Tours   (Contact  Linda Swartz & Jackie O'Malley to Open your garden for a  membership tour.)

  • Off Island Tours to Garden are being planned by Trudy Rosemarin.  Having your Covid 19 Vaccine makes a difference for tours.

  • Summer Work shops are being explored. Call Marilyn Owen  if you have suggesions.

  • Garden Awards Nominees are being taken (call Lisa Lucke).


Membership dues are $20 a year.  

Click on the Pay Now button to pay the 2021-2022 Membership Dues or 

Bring Cash/Check with you to the May 15 Plant Sale.

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