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UW Biology Department Greenhouse Tour 

Friday , May 12 & Tuesday, May 16th, 2023

This is a self-propelled adventure using public transit. Please review the campus map and these instructions (suggest you bring a copy with you). While the adventure presents some challenges and walking is required, it does offer the flexibility to see other sites or make stops before and after the tour. The light rail station elevators and escalators were in working order when checked.

Our tours are at 1:00pm. Two groups of 13 each are guided by a docent for a maximum of 26 members per day. We will meet at the entrance to the Biology Department Greenhouse. The Greenhouse is located between Stevens Way (the main campus drive) and NE Pacific/Burke Gilman Trail. It is next to another new building called Life Sciences.  The entrance is at the SW corner near the Burke Gilman Trail.  There is some outdoor seating at the entrance. There is no charge for this tour.

We will arrive on campus about an hour before the tour. There you will have a couple of choices: just across Stevens Way from the Greenhouse is the Medicinal Herb Garden. It is a peaceful space with interesting plantings and several benches. Weather permitting, it’s a great place to eat lunch. You can bring your own or mingle with the students at the HUB student union building and order food to eat there or take back to the Garden. The HUB is northeast of the Garden beyond Drumheller Fountain and the main library. The HUB offers a variety of choices – burgers, sushi, soup and salad bar, made to order sandwiches and additional ethnic choices. (credit cards only)

Please select which day you wish to attend:

May 12th
May 16th

Registration Complete - Thanks for joining us!


The new UW Biology Greenhouse 


Get an Orca card if you don’t already have one. If you don’t have autofill on your card make sure you have at least $10 credit on your card. Using the Orca card is cheaper because it credits your transfer from light rail to bus. There are no paper transfers. Plus, if you are a senior over 65 you get reduced rates. You will need to buy tickets at the light rail stations before boarding if you don’t have an Orca card.


Total bus/ferry/light rail cost for this trip is less than $10 using a senior Orca card.

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