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Knotweed ‘Red dragon’

Knotweed ‘Red dragon’

SKU: Sanquinetti_117

Persicaria microcephala, commonly known as knotweed or fleeceflower, is an herbaceous perennial that typically grows to 24” tall. It is native to forests and grassy areas in China. It is a stoloniferous spreader that is noted for having green stems clad with broad-ovate to triangular-ovate green leaves (to 2-4” long), each leaf being decorated with a lighter green chevron. Leaves remain green throughout the growing
season. Campanulate white flowers (each to 1 1/4” long) bloom in late summer.


  • Height: 2-5 feet - Space: 2-3 feet
    Exposure: Full sun to part shade
    Bloom Time: Late summer
    Low maintenance

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