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Hardy Primrose

Hardy Primrose

SKU: Sanquinetti_120

Large velvety green leaves (to 3-6" long) with ruffled to shallowly-lobed margins form clumps of basal foliage (to 6" tall) which typically creep by stoloniferous rhizomes to form attractive foliage mats. Deep rose to rose-mauve flowers with deeply notched petals bloom in spring (April-May) in 2-6 flowered terminal umbels atop stout, leafless, rose-pink flowering stems which are covered with downy white hairs. Flowering stemsrise above the foliage to 6-8" tall..


  • Height: 6 - 9 “ - Space: 6 - 9”
    Exposure: Part shade - Bloom Time: April-May
    Attracts: Butterflies

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