Island Garden Projects

The Club assists other non-profit groups on the island to establish and maintain gardens. VMIGC donates plants, labor and materials for each site. We are proud to garden with...


2020 Summer Note

Summer months are here, so asking for volunteers to signup for a week of watering/maintenance at the Breast Care Center at Sunrise Ridge.


The week(s) will start on Sunday, beginning on June 7th and run until the following Saturday (in this first week, until June 13th), through the end of August.   Just send me an email for which week you would like to volunteer, and I will pencil you into the calendar.


As far as our Garden Project at Vashon Community Care (VCC), the new Maeve”s Memory Garden planting is complete, with some bulb planting to take place in the Fall.  I want to thank Jane Rosen and Judy Lorance for being part of the steering committee that planned and executed this club project.


Also to further acknowledge the brave crew who worked for two days in January in the rain and mud as we cleared the existing plants and shrubs:  Nancy Kappelman, Lisa Lucke, Jan Goucher, and Sue Damon.


The additional good news is that the garden now has sprinklers on a timer (Yay!).  As far as maintenance,  the facility wants to continue to keep foot traffic at a minimum, so VCC staff will be keeping the space maintained this summer. 

Look for an article to appear soon on our website regarding this project..


Thank you all, 

Joan Costa--