Kay  White Scholarship

Kay White

To honor Kay White for her many contributions to the Club and to Vashon gardens, the VMIGC awards the Kay White Scholarship to one or two high school seniors based on students' commitment to the study of horticulture, botany, environmental sciences, landscape architecture, or forestry.  VMIGC provides cash for the scholarship(s) through the Vashon Community Scholarship Foundation.  The committee works with a Vashon High School counselor in identifying possible scholarship candidates.  It then reviews each candidate's qualifications and determines the number of scholarships and the amount of each.  The committee gives a progress report to the Board at the May meeting.

2018 Scholarship Recipient

                                  Wyatt Keppler

       2019 Scholarship Recipient

 Destin Redeker

Destin is passionate about the vital issue of Industrial Waste and the ensuing for  contamination of our planet.  He has in part been inspired by his high school work with Zero Waste Vashon.

2020 Scholarship Recipient

 Elliot French

Elliot French knows where he’s headed: to Montana State University to study sustainable agriculture. He’s been headed that direction since he was a youngster, when he became fascinated with a book he found in his Oma’s house that was all about traditional skills-building a log cabin, raising animals, growing and preserving food. He was a mere 6th grader when he started a non-profit, growing vegetables in alleyways in Rainier Valley and donating the produce to food banks. His family moved to Vashon when he was a teenager. In no time, Elliot had started a vegetable garden, built a chicken coop and soon had a little business selling rare breeds. He writes, “With every new piece of knowledge, I felt more connected to the earth’s rhythms and what I hope to be my work in the world.” Elliot will head off to Montana with awards from Kay White Garden Club and Vashon Rotary