Club Committees

Committees are the major way for members to participate in the Club's fun, its educational activities and its stimulating events.  If you would like to join a committee, contact the committee chair.  Each Committee chairperson is responsible for planning the committee's activities for the year and may select the members of her/his committee as needed.  Committee chairpersons work within the adopted budget for their committee and submitwritten annual reports to the President for the June meeting.


Click on the committee titles below for a full description of responsibilities.  An asterisk (*) indicates that the chair of the committee is a member of the Board.  All Board appointments are for two years.

Committees Managing Events and Projects

Community Garden Awards - Dinner Chair: Lynn Buscaglia - Garden Selections:  Marilyn Owen

Greenhouse and Propagation:  Nancy Hostica

Off-Island Tour and Adventures - Trudy Rosemarin

Plant Sale EventPropagation:  Nancy Hosticka - Sale Event Chair:  Linda Stemer

Student Benefits in the Name of Helen Puz - Carolina Nurik

Scholarships in the Name of Kay WhitePeggy Queary  

Summer Open Gardens - Linda Swartz & Jackie O'Malley

Committees with Year-Round Responsibilities

Historian -  Hunter Davis


Horticulture - Cindy Stockett - Sustainables:  Diane Emerson - Tool Talk: Becky Bumgarner

Island Gardening ProjectsJoan Costa

Refreshments - Jan Leonard and Mary Alice Sanguinetti

Sunshine and MemorialAudrey Young

Table ArrangementsDiane Luwe

Standing Committees

Chairs for these committees are elected by the Club membership or are appointed by the President for a two year term.  

Audit -  Joe Downs

Budget -  Pat Nesland

Directory -  Lynn Buscaglia

Membership/Hospitality*:    Open 

Nominating*  -  Past President, Linda Stemer

Programs and Workshops* -  Marilyn Owen

Publicity and Website* - Denise St. Dennis