Community Projects

Serving Our Island Community

Our garden club's main focus is service to our community. We create many projects and events throughout the year with this goal in mind. Read below to discover some of our many activities.

Annual Plant Sale

Six months of planning, propagation and execution converge for this huge, one day event. The sale includes over 4,000 plants, both ornamental and edible, cultivated and donated by club members. Thousands of dollars are raised to support student benefits and scholarships to graduating high school seniors as well as other community activities.

Garden and Horticulture Projects and Scholarships for Island Schools

The garden club engages with our island schools in many ways. Not only by providing scholarships and donating horticulture books for libraries, but also with funding for projects such as school garden arbors and plant sheds.

Island Gardening Projects

The club assists other non-profit groups on the island to establish and maintain gardens. VMIGC donates plants, labor and materials for each site. The sites are:

  • Vashon Community Care Center Garden
  • Point Robinson Lighthouse Keepers' Houses
  • The Breast Cancer Awareness Garden, Vashon Health Center

Flowers, Flowers and more Flowers

Flower arrangements, house plants and hand-selected flowers are donated by the garden club and individual members to our island Senior Center, as well as to the Vashon Community Care Center.